Mini Jump Up The Boogie Train

24 maart 2018

Mini Jump Up The Boogie Train March 24th 2018
with Grzegorz and Agnieszka.

Location: Hotel De Rijpereilanden te De Rijp

English below the dutch text.

De workshop zal bestaan uit 2×2 uur.
11.00 – 13.00 workshop
13.00 – 14.30 lunch
14.30 – 16.30 workshop
16.30 – 18.30 vrijdansen

Levels B en C samen. Dat houdt in dat je minimaal 3 jaar ervaring moet hebben op de dansvloer.
Er gaat les gegeven worden in muziek interpretatie, slow boogie, dips and tricks en leiden en volgen en natuurlijk krijg je leuke nieuwe figuren.

De kosten inclusief lunch zijn € 65 euro per persoon.
Tevens is er de mogelijkheid om diner te reserveren. Kosten € 18.00 per persoon.

Opgeven kan door een mailtje te sturen naar

The workshop will be 2×2 hours. Levels B and C together. So you have to have at least 3 years of experience on the dancefloor.
The themes of the workshop will be: music interpretation, slow boogie, dips and tricks and ofcourse you will get some nice new figures.

Cost will be € 65,00 including lunch.
There is also the possibility to have diner. Cost is € 18.00 a person.

You can registrate by sending an email to

proudly present the 2th edition of Our Boogie Woogie Weekender!

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Impression from our boogie woogie workshop 2016

proudly present the 1th edition of Our Boogie Woogie Weekender!

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So come on and Jump Up The Boogie Train

After talking about it for a long time we finally decided to organise this Boogie Woogie Workshop. We hope it will be a new yearly event.

We found a wonderfull venue Hotel De Rijpereilanden. There we have all in one. Beautifull rooms for the classes.
Wonderfull party room. And the hotelrooms and food and drinks all under one roof!
We could make a great deal with the hotel. So if you book a room it will be breakfast included.
The workshop prices will be with coffee break and lunches included!